Response time (RMA processing)

For each RMA instruction, we will process it within 20 minutes after receiving it; for spare parts shipment, we will send POD confirmation back to customers in time.

cost control

Our distribution network can effectively cover all cities in the country, through which customers can reduce 20-40% of the cost of distribution.

Renting our warehouse and using the supporting warehouse management services can reduce the warehousing cost by 20-50%.

Process control

Through strict quality control to ensure the accuracy of operation to 99.98%.

Quality control

We require all operating departments to submit weekly work reports.

We attach importance to quality, earth, occupational health and safety. We implement management in accordance with ISO9000, ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 international system certification standards

In our work, we constantly improve and maintain the sustainable development of enterprises.

We conduct two customer visits every year to collect customer feedback, so that our service quality has always maintained a high level.